Golden Mirror Wall Decor

Six Trendy Mirror Wall Decor Ideas

Are you tired of looking at plain walls in your house, or maybe you want to change things? An easy way to make a significant impact by doing the least work is to add a mirror wall decor feature to your home. Mirrors bounce off the light in your home and make the whole place feel lighter while also giving the illusion of a bigger space. Here are six very trendy mirror wall decor ideas.

The Industrial Grid Mirror

You must have seen the huge grid mirrors pop up on your social media feed. These mirrors are super trendy right now. Don’t make the mistake of trying to make this wall feature yourself DIY style since working with mirrors can be dangerous and expensive.


Instead, it’s better to have a professional measure your wall and order mirrors the perfect size for the grid pattern. These mirrors look very sleek and elegant, and it’s an excellent way to cover a lot of space with relatively smaller mirrors.

Irregular, Asymmetric, and Tall Mirrors

Mirrors have been coming in the same shapes for decades and have gotten boring. There is a new sensation for mirrors cut in abstract shapes. You can make an ordinary space extraordinary by simply adding an unexpectedly shaped tall mirror on the wall.


You can’t find these mirrors in the market easily despite being popular right now. However, you can have them custom-made to the exact shape you envision and the right size for your wall. If you have a smaller space, you can opt for two or three smaller irregular mirrors instead of one tall one.

Antiquated Mirror Wall Feature

You can channel old timely glamour by getting tall rectangular mirrors with metal frames reminiscent of the art deco period or the American gilded age. You can go one step further and have the mirrors slightly tarnished with a brushed nickel finish or buffed down a bit to look worn down. That is if you’re passionate about the old-timey look.

Mirror Gallery Wall

One of the more popular mirror trends making the rounds on the internet is the mirror gallery wall. Intricately decorated golden painting frames but instead of holding pictures or paintings, the frames have mirrors inside them. This design looks the best when you use a variety of differently shaped and sized frames. It’s like a gallery, but the art exhibit is your reflection.

The Dripping Mirror

The dripping mirror doesn’t have a standard shape like the irregular mirror. It is an irregular shape that looks like it’s dripping on the bottom. Younger homeowners favor this style or anything dripping, to be honest. You can leave the mirrors frameless or choose a bright color to highlight the unusual shape.

Multiple Piece Mirror Wall Feature

Another exciting mirror design uses multiple mirrors, even up to twenty-five pieces, of the same shape but different sizes. You place the mirrors in an aesthetically pleasing way all over your wall. You could also scatter them within a fixed perimeter on your wall to look like pieces cut out of a larger mirror. This design is a fun way to cover a big area with a less square footage of mirrors.

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