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Signs That Your Windshield Was Not Properly Replaced

A cracked windshield can render your car unsafe to drive. If your car has a damaged windshield, you want to get it fixed or replaced as soon as possible. However, you need that replacement to be done the right way. That’s why it is important to inspect your windshield after it is performed by an auto glass repair service provider to see if all is good.

Here are the top five signs that your windshield may not be properly installed.

You Hear a Whooshing Sound At High Speed

When you place your car in high gear, you will hear the sound of the wind whooshing by. This typically comes from an open window. To make sure your windshield is properly installed, roll up your windows and then travel at high speed. If there is still a whooshing sound and one that seems to be coming from your windshield, coupled with a draught, it may be because your windshield was not properly fixed into place.

To get it fixed, return your car to the auto repair service as soon as possible.

Your Windshield Isn’t Placed Flush with its Frame

Make sure your windshield is placed tightly against the car frame. If it is not fully set, it can be a hazard to drive, particularly if it shifts or falls off when you are driving at high speed or encounter a bump in the road.

This can happen because the installer may not have installed the right sized windshield on your car or did not set the glass fully against the car frame.

The Old Windshield Adhesive Was Not Properly Removed

When placing a new windshield, a good auto glass replacement professional would carefully scrape out the old adhesive from the car frame and then apply a new layer over it. If the old adhesive wasn’t first removed and the new adhesive was applied over it, it will not stick properly and your windshield will not be waterproofed.

If you notice water leaking from around the edges of your windshield during rainy days or during a car wash, it means the windshield is not fixed properly into space.

Your Windshield is Making a Rattling Noise

Another sure sign that your auto glass was not replaced properly is if it makes a rattling noise when you increase the speed of the car or drive over a bump. The loose frame can be dangerous and can be a cause for an accident. If you suspect this is the cause, drive your car slowly and carefully to the auto glass repair service and get them to fix it properly.

Your Auto Glass Appears Wavy

Once you have gotten your car from the auto glass repair shop, you need to check to determine if quality glass is used for the windshield. Look at your windshield in the bright sunlight and see if it has any waves or bumps on its surface. If the glass is not slick and smooth, it means it is of poor quality.

Your windshield is one of the most important protective features in your car. If it is not properly installed, call Fox Canyon Glass and Mirror at (928) 535-5441 to get it replaced as soon as possible.

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