Auto Glass Replacement: Keeping Your Vehicle Safe In Snowflake, AZ

You can blame several things for the damage on your car’s windshield or door windows—extreme temperatures, inferior glass quality, pressure changes, or unnoticed previous damage.

Whatever the cause is, auto glass damage is a serious safety problem that requires immediate attention and action. A visit to an auto glass replacement Snowflake AZ shop is a step in the right direction.

The Causes Of Automotive Glass Damage

Auto glass is unlike regular glass used in the windows in your house. It is made to be durable and resilient against elements that could hit it at high speeds to ensure passengers’ safety. However, auto glass cannot withstand everything. There are numerous reasons for auto glass cracking, breaking, or chipping.:


How many times have we seen car windshields breaking when hit by hail? Hail storms can bring in ice the size of a golf ball. If one crashes on your windshield at high speed, the impact could be enough to cause breakage or cracks.

Debris From Construction Vehicles

If you unluckily drive behind a construction vehicle, debris from that vehicle (e.g., rocks, pebbles, gravel, or stones) can fall and hit your car.

Exposure To Sunlight

Constant exposure to sunlight will cause your car’s window’s borders to heat up. That can result in the expansion of the edges of the glass. Over time, the glass may crack due to this. Simply parking your car in shaded lots will prevent this from happening.

Gravel Roads

When traversing gravel roads, some stones, rocks, or pebbles may be thrown up by another vehicle and hit your car’s windshield or passenger windows. Protect yourself from this danger by keeping a safe distance between you and the motorist in front of you.

Auto Glass Replacement

The moment you notice a chip on your windshield or door windows, nothing should stop you from taking your car to a workshop. Have it checked at an auto glass replacement Snowflake, AZ, workshop by a qualified and experienced technician. He will determine if your windshield needs replacement or repair.

The technician will likely recommend auto glass replacement if the windshield has:

  • A crack longer than a dollar bill
  • A crack or chip deep enough to penetrate more than halfway into the windshield

Generally, cracks or chips on passenger windows will require replacement and not repair.

After assessing the damage and the need to replace the windshield or the door windows, the technician will:

  • Remove the glass from the frame by cutting the damaged glass
  • Prime the pinchweld, which is where the glass goes
  • Check the pinchweld from corrosion or other damage to the car
  • Prepare the glass replacement
  • Apply an adhesive (urethane) to the windshield glass
  • Place the windshield in the opening carefully to achieve a proper fit
  • Clean and water-test the windshield to check for leaks or air bubbles

You will wait for the adhesive to cure, which means the car will remain stationary after installing the new glass. The adhesive, humidity, and temperature will determine its curing time.

Keeping Your Vehicle Safe

You’ll encounter multiple problems if you drive a vehicle that has a crack or chip on the windshield. And the chances of these problems happening becomes astronomical if you don’t go to an auto glass replacement, Snowflake, AZ, shop for a proper assessment.

Some of those problems are the following:

  • Risking the structural integrity of the car, if involved in a front-end collision
  • Preventing the airbag to deploy properly in case of a collision
  • Eliminating the safety feature of the windshield

Do You Need Auto Glass Replacement?

Schedule a visit to Fox Canyon Glass today or request a free estimate and let our technicians determine if you need auto glass replacement.