Window Sunscreens Heber-Overgaard AZ

All homeowners can appreciate the importance of their windows, but choosing the right frames and glazing is only the start. Window sunscreens are a particularly useful addition that will transform the home in a very significant way. Fox Canyon Glass can take care of your window sunscreen needs to achieve truly stunning outcomes.

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How Can Window Sunscreens Enhance Your Herber Overgaard AZ Home?

Window sunscreens have become an increasingly popular upgrade in recent times, particularly for homeowners across the Grad Canyon State. Despite being a relatively simple upgrade that can be completed in a very short amount of time, the impact they bring for many years to come cannot be ignored.

The investment into window sunscreens will bring a host of rewarding features, including but not limited to;

  • Added privacy when you want or need it,
  • Versatility over the appearance of your home from the exterior,
  • Protection from the sun for furniture and fabrics,
  • Save money on air conditioning by blocking most of the sun’s heat,
  • Keep bugs and critters out of the property.


There are many reasons to love window sunscreens, not least because they do not have to be a permanent solution if you decide against it.

How Are Window Sunscreens Fitted?

For window sunscreens to provide their full aesthetic and functional benefits, it’s essential that they are fitted in the correct manner. With this in mind, only a professional touch will do, and not only because it gives you the best hope of finding the right color for the interior design of the rooms in question.

Fox Canyon Glass prides itself on handling every step of the process from inspiration to installation, covering each of the following elements;

  • Measuring the dimensions of the windows, even when they are custom shaped,
  • Helping you find the right material style and color for the desired appearance,
  • Expertly manufacturing and cutting the material ready for installation,
  • Careful and accurate installation, ensuring that the placement blocks out the light,
  • Checks to ensure that the window sunscreens can be retracted and extended as desired.

The installation itself requires a lot of skill in order to achieve the desired results. When done well, the product can last for years.

Window Sunscreens For The Whole Home

While window sunscreens are primarily seen as investments for rear-facing living spaces and conservatories, their ability to keep the home cool, protect internal assets, and increase the privacy, they can be used in a range of spaces throughout the home. Some of the best options are;

  • Window sunscreens for conservatories,
  • Window sunscreens for kitchens,
  • Window sunscreens for front-facing lounges,
  • Window sunscreens for bedrooms,
  • Window sunscreens for home offices.


Whenever a part of the home could benefit from added versatility, privacy, and cooling, window sunscreens are a winning solution.

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