Sliding Glass Doors Heber-Overgaard AZ

Sliding glass doors are the ultimate home upgrade, bringing luxurious style to the contemporary home while combining living spaces with garden areas with stunning results. Fox Canyon Glass can inject new life into your home by designing, manufacturing, and fitting the glass sliding doors your home deserves.

From conception to completion, we’re here to help you unlock the benefits of this truly wonderful home upgrade. To learn more about sliding glass doors Heber-Overgaard AZ, give us a call today.

The Benefits Of Sliding Glass Doors

Before investing money into any hoe upgrade, you’ll naturally want to analyze the potential benefits to determine whether it’s a worthwhile investment of time and money for your property. The truth is that sliding glass doors will add a while new dimension to your home life.

A sliding glass door installation will naturally bring a host of rewarding features to your life and property, including but not limited to;

  • Encourage more natural light into the living areas to create a lighter, brighter, happier home environment,
  • See a positive return on investment from a financial perspective,
  • Encourage more time spent outside on the deck or patio while merging the external and internal areas for fun with friends and family,
  • Gain added flexibility on keeping the home warm or cold depending on the season,
  • Increase the security by having the strongest and most advanced lock and access point systems in place rather than having a door and windows to worry about.


Sliding glass doors are a particularly fantastic option for homeowners in Arizona. Fox Canyon Glass can help you find the perfect design for your requirements.

How Are Sliding Glass Doors Added To The Home

The addition of sliding glass doors can be one of the more challenging home upgrades, especially when you’re not simply replacing an outdated solution. Every aspect of the design, manufacturing, and installation need to be under control at all times. Consequently, then, only a professional job will do.

Procedures may vary slightly depending on the size and materials used, but professional sliding glass door installations will include;

  • A thorough design process that allows us to build a clear vision that satisfies your desires while also appreciating the structural demands,
  • Construction of the new sliding door frames, track, and runners.
  • Demolition of any walls, windows, or features currently standing in place of where the sliding glass doors will be added,
  • Fitting the frame, track, sliding doors, and additional features of security, function, and aesthetic appearance.
  • Testing the newly added sliding doors to check performance and structural integrity as well as all sealants, locks, and features.


It’s a relatively complex situation, but a lot of the work is completed off-site, meaning that the process causes minimal hassle to our home life. Whether opting for aluminum, wood, or uPVC, the options are incredible.

Sliding Glass Doors Locations

When thinking about the prospect of sliding doors, most homeowners will jump straight to visions of connecting the living room spaces to the backyard deck. However, the project is far more versatile than many imagine.

Other options on offer to Heber-Overgaard include;

  • Sliding doors to the kitchen,
  • Sliding doors that cover open plan living spaces covering the entire width of the property,
  • Sliding doors from the bedroom onto the balcony,
  • Sliding doors to the side of the property,
  • Sliding doors in internal parts of the property, especially towards conservatories.


There are plenty of options to choose from, and our experts will ensure you get the best result for your property.

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