Single Pane Windows Heber-Overgaard AZ

When your home needs new windows due to damaged existing items or a desire to change the esthetic, single pane windows can be a good option for your Heber-Overgaard AZ property. Fox Canyon Glass can design and fit the perfect solution.

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Why Single Pane Windows?

When looking at different window choices, there are a wealth of options at your disposal. While single pane windows may be dismissed as outdated in some places, they can be the perfect option for homeowners throughout Heber-Overgaard and the surrounding areas.

Some of the incentives for choosing this type of window fitting include;

  • Save money on the initial outlay as they are far cheaper than double pane windows,
  • Keep the property at a more consistent temperature due to the consistent temperature of Arizona,
  • Stay honest to the tradition of the property and match other windows throughout the home,
  • Have the versatility of an un-insulated window while being able to add a window film if needed,
  • Replace existing single pane windows without necessarily changing the frame.


Under the right circumstances, single pane windows can be the best option from a perspective of cost as well as convenience – not least because they can boast the same beauty and styles as other window types.

How Are Single Pane Windows Fitted?

Single pane windows are very similar to double pane windows in terms of styles, materials, and installations. The only difference is that there is a single pane of glass rather than two. The process, though, revolves around all the same steps aside from the addition of the extra pane.

Given the need for accuracy to the millimeter, a professional touch is required. The process will include;

  • Measuring the size of the frame and/or pane that is to be replaced,
  • Choosing a design (with you) that suits the esthetic appeal you crave, as well as the budget,
  • Pane is measured and cut in advance while frame is manufactured if required,
  • All existing items that need replacing are removed to create the necessary space,
  • The frame and single pane of glass are fitted and checked.


It’s a more complex process than you might first think, but the majority of time-consuming tasks are completed off-site, meaning the inconvenience to you is minimal.

Where Can Single Pane Windows Be Used?

Single pane windows are particularly popular when living in a quiet neighborhood, as the inferior noise canceling capabilities are an issue in busy areas. As well as choosing from a range of shapes and sizes, single pane windows can be used throughout the home. Fox Canyon Glass can help you with;

  • Single pane windows for the main building,
  • Single pane windows for garages,
  • Single pane windows for sheds and summerhouses,
  • Single pane windows for conservatories,
  • Single pane windows for attic conversions.


Whatever part of the home needs new windows, we’re here to help.

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