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The bathroom is the unsung hero of any contemporary home, and the shower cubicle is one of the most important features by far. Whether installing a new shower or upgrading an outdated unit, the shower door will have a telling impact on the overall look and function of the bathroom. Fox Canyon Glass can clean up any confusion to ensure you reach the right decision.

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Why Are Glass Shower Doors So Important?

Whether the shower is a separate unit or connected to the bathtub, quality shower doors are a necessity. While you may think that all facilities are fairly uniform, the range of sizes, styles, and features cannot be ignored. Given the contrasts between one bathroom floorplan and the next, a solution that’s tailored to your needs is the only answer.

The glass shower doors will influence a range of elements, such as;

  • Access to the shower and the general comfort,
  • Water splashback and flooding,
  • The amount of light that is allowed into the shower unit,
  • Maintenance and cleaning duties,
  • The emotional reaction to the bathroom as a whole.


Glass shower doors are far better (and hygienic) than shower curtains and other alternatives, but only when the job is completed in style.

Glass Shower Door Fitting

Glass shower door installations are a little more complicated than other doors, not least due to the extra care that’s needed to handle the glass with care. The exact processes will vary from one project to the next depending on the type of door, size of shower unit, and other bathroom surroundings. When done correctly, though, the rewards are phenomenal.

Fox Canyon Glass can complete the process in a highly efficient manner, mastering each of the following stages for stunning results;

  • Completing the design phases, considering the position (central, corner, etc.) and size of the shower door,
  • Building the frame of the sliding or swinging glass door, including the track and sealant to stop flooding,
  • Aligning the wall hinges, brackets, and frames for the door,
  • Installing the glass door itself, positioning it to seal off all water fro running out of the base or over the bathtub,
  • Completing all cosmetic features and testing the performance to confirm your satisfaction.


Given the need for accuracy, only a professional standard job will suffice.

Versatility For A Tailored Solution

Appearances count for a lot when building your dream bathroom, but you must not ignore the spatial limitations or need for function.

When taking the DIY approach, you’ll have to use standard sizes and designs and hope it works. A bespoke solution offers greater flexibility, enabling you to;

  • Build a glass shower door that fits the existing features,
  • Design a glass shower door that utilizes decorative glass,
  • Consider curved doors or bespoke shapes to suit your bathtub or shower unit,
  • Make adjustments to suit any accessibility issues you may have,
  • Ensure that the glass shower door opens and shuts in a convenient manner.


When you ensure that the glass shower door is a key feature rather than an afterthought, the influence on the bathroom setting will be huge.

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