Residential Mirrors Heber-Overgaard AZ

Any homeowner with a keen eye for interior design will appreciate the fact that mirrors can play a central role in setting the tone and appearance of a room. Fox Canyon Glass can help you unlock the true benefits of using stylish residential mirrors as a central feature of the property.

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What Can Residential Mirrors Achieve For Your Home

Before making any investment into an interior upgrade, you must confirm that it is a worthwhile use of your time, money, and internal space. Custom made residential mirrors may feel like a small upgrade, but their impact on the home environment can bring truly incredible results.

When used effectively, the residential mirrors can offer a host of transforming features, including but not limited to;

  • Make spaces look bigger and brighter by reflecting light,
  • Add a contemporary style through unique shapes or multiple mirrors,
  • Gain functional benefits by having a mirror on the wall of a home gym, for example,
  • Reduce the cleaning duties around the home,
  • Segregate areas of the home in a positive manner.


Residential mirrors are a great addition for convenience as well as your finances, and Fox Canyon Glass can help you reap the full rewards.

Why Custom Made Over Store-Bought

While it is possible to buy mirrors from the local showroom, the custom made residential mirrors are far more effective at turning your vision of a dream home into a reality. The benefits gained from taking this approach are;

  • Gain the exact aesthetic that you desire, ensuring that the product is built specifically to your requirements,
  • Upgrade a range of existing furniture and features without replacing the entire product,
  • Enjoy a one-of-a-kind look, including products that are made to the exact dimensions you want.
  • Have residential mirrors, ranging from framed to bathroom cabinet or bar to handheld, crafted from the best materials.
  • Know that the best options have been made for the sake of your home, budget, and sanity.


It is possible that you’ll find the perfect option in a store, but it’s unlikely. Buy bad and you’ll buy twice, which is why the bespoke option is advised.

The Residential Mirrors Process

For the best results to be achieved, residential mirrors must be designed and manufactured in the most appropriate fashion. The exact process can change depending on the type, size, and style of mirror. However, the majority of products follow a similar process, which includes;

  • Planning and design discussions, including measuring spaces or products,
  • Frames are constructed from the necessary materials,
  • The mirror surface is made by applying a reflective coating to the glass sheets before being cut,
  • The mirror surface is fixed to the frame,
  • The final aspects of sanding and cosmetic treatments are completed.


As well as manufacturing a bespoke mirror, you need to consider where and how they will be fixed. This is another area where Fox Canyon Glass will take care of everything.

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