Dual Pane Windows Heber-Overgaard AZ

When your windows are chipped, cracked, or in dire need of a cosmetic upgrade, dual pane windows are often the solution of choice. Fox Canyon Glass has the perfect solution for your Heber-Overgaard AZ home.

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The Benefits Of Dual Pane Windows

Dual pane windows have become the most common solution in recent years, with thousands of homeowners switching from single pane windows to dual pane every single year. For modern and traditional properties alike, they can be one of the smartest home investments of all.

When installing dual pane windows, you’ll gain all of the following benefits;

  • Reduced noise from the street level and neighbors,
  • Reduced energy bills and wasted heating due to increased insulation,
  • Increased security thanks to the dual panes as well as the upgraded window frame,
  • Updated home aesthetic from the inside and outside view,
  • Improved personal satisfaction as a result of making the right choice for the home.


Dual pane windows can aid your comfort, performance, and privacy in one fell swoop, especially when living in a busy area. Fox Canyon Glass can bring those rewards to life.

The Dual Pane Window Fitting Process

The main difference between single pane and dual pane windows is that the latter option has a second pane of glass. As such, the process of design, manufacturing, and installation remains almost equally as simple. There’s just one extra step of repeating the glass cutting and fitting of the first pane with a second.

It is a job that needs a professional touch due to the accuracy requirements. While the exact process may vary slightly due to the exact shape and dimensions, the fundamentals are;

  • A dual pane window style and shape will be selected (with you) to meet your budget and preferences,
  • Measuring the frames and panes that are to be replaced,
  • Glass is cut (off-site) while the frame is also manufactured in advance,
  • Existing window features that need to be replaced are removed with care,
  • New frame is fitting and sealed while both panes are fitted and correctly positioned.


Some steps may not be needed if the assignment is simply to add new glass panes. Either way, the manufacturing elements take place away from the home to reduce the inconvenience for you.

Dual Pane Windows For The Entire Home

Dual pane windows are especially useful in busy locations, but are equally ideal for all homes due to the array of winning attributes. While most homeowners associate the dual pane windows with the living room, they can be an effective solution for many parts of the property. Fox Canyon can fit;

  • Dual pane windows for bedrooms and living spaces,
  • Dual pane windows for bathrooms,
  • Dual pane windows for attic conversions,
  • Dual pane windows for annexes and summerhouses,
  • Dual pane windows for conservatories.


When you wish to reap the rewards of dual pane windows, our experts have the answer.

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