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How To Remove Sunscreens

If you have sunscreens on your window, then you might be looking for ways to take them off now that we are approaching winter. It’s actually quite a simple and straightforward process, so you don’t have to worry about doing anything too difficult to remove them from your window. If you want to know more about how to remove sunscreens, keep reading down below.

Unscrew Them

Your sunscreen is likely screwed to the outside part of your window. If you want to get them off, then you are going to need a drill with the right size drill bit to get the screws out. You could use a screwdriver depending on how long you want to stand outside, turning for, but we recommend you just use a drill as it makes it faster and easier. Make sure that you are not taking the screws all the way out, or it will begin to fall as you are loosening the other screws. Do ensure that you are taking all the necessary safety precautions before you do this. For example, make sure that the ladder you are using is sturdy and isn’t going to fall over, or make sure that you have someone behind you to watch your back as you do this.

Also, you want to make sure that you are extremely careful when using the drill. Don’t put it anywhere near your fingers and only touch the screws with it, or you could end up with a big hole in the window frame.

Pull Them Off The Window

Once you have loosened the screws with the drill, you can then pull the sunscreens off the window. This shouldn’t be particularly challenging, all you need to do is pull the screen as a whole, and it should come right off. Don’t pull too hard because you don’t want to be falling down and hurting yourself. Instead, just pull hard enough that it comes away from the window, without risking injury. As the screws are already going to be loose, you shouldn’t have to use too much force, but you might have to loosen them a little more just so that it comes out easily.

Dispose Of Them

Once you have got your sunscreens off, you can either put them into storage for next time you want them up, or you can dispose of them. If they are not in very good condition anymore, then you can just get rid of them at your local waste center. However, if there is nothing wrong with your screens, but you still don’t want to keep them, you can always sell them onto someone who is looking to purchase some. Sell them online and see how much you can get, or just toss them!

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now know how to remove sunscreens. It is a fairly simple job to do, but for safety reasons, it might be a good idea to have someone with you while you complete this task.

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