How mirrors can ensure adequate sunlight for plants

How Mirrors Can Ensure Adequate Sunlight for Plants

Do you have a dark corner in your house where you wish you could keep a houseplant? However, you know that without sunlight, the plant will only die, so you try to resist your temptations.

Well, we have good news for you! You can now get a houseplant for that empty corner- all you need are a few mirrors to ensure adequate sunlight helps the plants thrive. You will need to think strategically and place the mirrors in such a way that the plant blossoms.

How Mirrors Help Houseplants

We all know that mirrors provide a timeless aesthetic. They help make rooms look bigger and can make super cute design pieces. However, have you ever thought of how mirrors can be used to make your plants grow?

Let’s suppose that your indoor plant requires sunlight to grow. However, you don’t have a bright enough spot in the house. Does that mean you can only nurture houseplants that grow in the shade? Absolutely not! All you need are some mirrors to reflect sunlight. Place some mirrors strategically around the room so that the plant continues to reap the benefits of the sun, helping your house look brighter and fresher.

How to Use Mirrors for Plants

1. Be Strategic

Putting up mirrors in your house will help, but you also need to know where exactly to hang them. Your aim is to redirect incoming light from one area to another.

If you have a rectangular room with only one window and wall, you should place your plant on the same wall as to where the window is located. The light from the window will shine in the opposite direction instead and will not reach the wall, hence not reaching the plant.

This is where the mirror comes in. You need to place the mirror on the wall opposite the plant and window so that the light reflects back to the plant. This means you can place the plant in any corner of the room, regardless of the direction of the window!

2. Be Creative

Say that your window does not receive full sunlight. Maybe there are some creeping plants that provide shade or some big trees right outside your home.

This is the time to be creative. If you have kept a plant up against the window, hang a mirror exactly next to the plant. This will help reflect extra sunlight onto it.

However, if you want the plant to be kept in the middle of the room or not close to the window, you can use a room divider. Hang your plant on this divider so that it can receive all the sunlight!

3. Double Up

In the case of an extra dark corner, you can get a couple of mirrors and create a pattern in the room to add to the aesthetic. The light from the window will reflect off the first mirror, the light from the first mirror will reflect off the second mirror, and so on.

Keep in mind that light decreases when bouncing off mirrors, so make sure to gets lots of mirrors in the room!

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