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How Can You Tell Your Window Tint Job is Done Poorly?

Most homeowners get the windows of their homes tinted for a number of reasons. A window tint offers a significant level of UV protection and keeps your house cooler. It also offers a certain degree of privacy if it’s done in a darker shade. The darker the tint, the more privacy and security it offers. However, homeowners often assume that all window tinting professionals are the same and all window tints are equally effective. But that’s not the case.

If you hire the wrong window tint professionals, you’ll end up with a bad window tint. One of the biggest red flags of bad window tinting professionals is cheaper price, and that’s exactly why they seem like such a lucrative option.

We’ve listed down some signs that indicate that your window tinting has been done poorly, and you’ll have to get it redone soon.

Bubbles in the Tint Film

The right window tint film won’t have any bubbles. The film will be smooth and neat. Bubbles might be visible during the first few days, but they should disappear within a week. However, if the bubbles don’t go away, you should immediately know that either the tinting professionals used poor-quality materials or used a lousy tinting technique. Whatever the reason may be, you’ve got to get the tinting redone if you want to enjoy the benefits of window tinting.

Peeling from Corners

The window tinting is done by pasting a tint film on the window glass. The film should adhere to the glass perfectly well, with no air bubbles or loose tint. However, one of the signs of a bad window tint job is a peeling tint film. If the window tint film starts to peel only after a few weeks, you should know that you’ve been fooled by the wrong window tinting professionals. Either the adhesion power of the film used was of poor quality, or the professionals didn’t install it right.

Debris Stuck under the Film

The right window tint professionals will first clean the surface of the glass to make sure there is no dirt or debris on it before they install the tint film. However, if you see dirt particles or debris under the tint film, you should know that you’ll have to get the tint removed and re-installed by more experienced and reliable professionals. If there’s even a tiny particle under the film, it’ll cause the film to bulge or bubble, which will only worsen with time.

Purple Discoloration

One of the most notable signs of bad window tinting is the color fades soon to become purple. The purple discoloration is a sign of sub-par quality material. Such a window tint won’t offer any protection against UV rays. The tint film won’t serve any meaningful purpose, and if you want protection from the UV rays of the sun, you’ll have to get it redone.

Make sure you’re hiring the right window tint professionals to get the windows of your home tinted, even if they’re charging slightly higher. It’s the only way to ensure the tinting is done right.

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