Four Reasons Why You Should Get Window Sunscreens Immediately

When it gets too hot, heat from the sun can make your home feel hotter, especially if you have big windows. While big windows are excellent sources of natural sunlight, fresh air and can help perk up any room, they are also the reason why your electricity bill is skyrocketing. After all, intense heat calls for 24/7 air-conditioning, right?

Window sunscreens are here to help you save up on cooling costs, even at the peak of summer. Also known as solar window screens, these windows have loads of advantages.

1.   Energy Management

When window sunscreens are installed, they allow additional windows to be installed on the exterior. This reduces radiant heat transfer by almost 50 percent and keeps internal heat indoors during the cold winter months. Heating costs are reduced, and your electricity bills go down.

Similarly, in the hot summer months, window sunscreens do not allow exterior heat from the sun to enter your house. This means that during the day, when the sun is the hottest, heat does not penetrate inside.

This is a wonderful option for homeowners looking to conserve energy and lower their budget. Save the environment!

2.   Privacy

Window sunscreens lower exterior exposure. This does not only apply to the strong rays of the sun. In fact, window sunscreens can also prevent random passersby from peeping in and disturbing your privacy.

More privacy means more security. Since no one knows what is happening inside your house or what your interior looks like, there are fewer chances of a robbery.

With window sunscreens, you do not need to invest in drapes or blinds that eventually fade due to constant exposure to the harsh sun. You can simply rely on your windows doing the job for you.

3.   A Better Home Environment

There are times that you might want to watch television or use your laptop during the day. However, the big windows seeping sunlight into your house make that close to impossible because of the constant glare from the sun. Even with drapes and blinds, sunlight manages to seep through the cracks. The sunlight hits surfaces within the home and is reflected straight back at you, regardless of what position you choose to be seated in.

By installing window sunscreens, you can work comfortably anywhere in your home. You can also enjoy sitting in the dark even while it is shining bright outside. What’s more is that your rugs, furniture, and blinds would not have to be maintained and updated as regularly since they won’t be damaged by constant sun exposure.

4.   No Need to Use Sunblock Indoors

As you know, windows do not block the harmful UV-rays emitted from the sun. Hence, skin specialists suggest smearing on sunscreen, even when you are indoors. This is especially recommended if you spend most of your time next to big windows. UV-rays are harmful and have been linked with sunburn, aging, tanning, skin cancer, and premature aging.

However, window sunscreens prevent these rays from entering your home and damaging your skin.


What more reason to invest in window sunscreens? Give Fox Canyon Glass a call today so that we may guide you on which window is best for your home.

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