Choosing the right sort of window can have a massive impact on your family’s lifestyle

Double Pane vs Single Pane Windows: Know The Difference

When deciding on the right windows for your home, there are a number of things you might have to keep in mind, primarily, the cost and the comfort of your family.

If you are confused about which window type will be best for your home, given your family’s lifestyle, this guide to double pane vs single pane windows certainly might help.

What Are Single Pane Windows?

Single pane windows are an older style of windows that are made using only a single layer of glass. You can choose to buy single pane windows in most of the same designs as single-pane windows. The difference between them primarily, however, is that single pane windows aren’t nearly quite as efficient in keeping out sound and undesirable temperatures.

The main reason people tend to opt for single-pane windows is that the initial cost of installing them is relatively low. As such, single pane windows are a great budget-friendly option for those who cannot afford to spend too much on windows.

However, even though the initial cost of installing single-pane windows is relatively low, the energy bills over time will tend to be much higher. This is the number one reason why people are now switching to Double-pane windows and other such options.

Another reason people might be switching away from single pane windows and towards double pane windows is that single pane windows, because of their lack of insulation, cannot keep out undesirable noises and temperatures.

This makes sense because only a single, thin layer of insulation is obviously not enough to keep out undesirable sounds and weather conditions.

If you live in a place where the weather remains moderate throughout the year and where your neighborhood is a quiet one, you might be able to make do with single pane windows.

But even so, your energy bills are still certainly going to be higher with single pane windows as compared to any other type of window.

Double Pane Windows

Double pane or ‘dual pane’ windows, as the name suggests, come with two separate panes of glass. Each of these panes is separated from the other by an air-filled space.

It is this air trapped between the two layers of glass that can, in turn, trap any extremities of temperature such as the winter’s freezing temperatures or excessive heat during the summers.

In this way, double pane windows prevent your home from being affected by any major temperature extremes, and the extra layer of insulation can bring about almost 25% temperature savings during the winter season and about 20% during summer.

So even while the initial cost of installing double pane windows will be greater than single pane windows, it will be worth it in the long run because of the energy savings!

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