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Common Causes for Broken Glass in Homes | Glass Repair Services in Arizona

Glass is aesthetically pleasing and quite an essential material for homes. Windows, mirrors, tables, showers, and so many other necessary items are made with glass. While it results in a sleek look, it can be easy to break it too. While professionals of glass repair services in Arizona like Fox Canyon Glass can repair any item easily, it is still a good idea to avoid broken glass.

Here are the common causes for why glass breaks in homes.


You can probably remember that one time you broke a window with a ball as a kid. Who doesn’t have a story like that? Children can accidentally break a window while playing. Someone could knock into a mirror and have it fall and break. Slippery shower floors can cause someone to slip and break the glass door. There are so many potential accidents that can result in broken glass in the house. Accidents are one of the most common causes of broken glass.

Natural Disasters

With huge storms and other natural disasters becoming more and more common, you should think about the toll they can take on the glass around the house. Thin window glass can be easily broken by high-pressure winds. Crazy wind and storms can also increase the risk of projectiles flying around, which can go through the window and break it.


Damage can also be intentional. Vandalism can result in homeowners needing glass repair services in Arizona too. It mostly impacts the window of the house since that is the most vulnerable part of the home. It can lead to an unneeded cost and maybe even filing for claims with insurance. The best way to prevent vandalism is by having reinforced and strong windows. Making sure they have a lock is necessary too.

Damaged Glass

If you don’t get professionals to install glass around the house, the panels could get chipped or nicked at the edges. Amateurs may not fix the glass at the right angle or damage it while installing the screws or nails. While you won’t notice such minor damage at first, you need to remember that glass tends to contract and expand. This can weaken the glass and cause further damage, making it susceptible to breaking.

It is important to call experts for glass repair services in Arizona. Fox Canyon Glass can reduce costs for homeowners by installing everything properly. If the glass in your home breaks, you can always rely on their trained team to fix it for you right away!

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