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Busting the Myths About Window Tint

The state of Arizona is well-known for having arid summers. Since the sun remains bright and hot during the season, many people use window tints in their homes. However, there are many others who are under the misconception that window tints can be harmful to your home. Let us take a look at some of the myths associated with window tints and bust them.

Window Tint Can Kill Indoor Plants

There are some cheap window tints in the market that can have adverse effects on your plant. Even indoor plants need plenty of sunlight to thrive and if a window tint is not engineered right, it will prevent a healthy amount of sunlight from getting into your home. This can retard the growth of plants and make them wilt.

However, high-grade window tints are a whole other story. Fox Canyon Glass and Mirror window tints block the harmful ultraviolet rays from entering your home but allow the healthy blue and red light spectrums to come inside, supporting the growth of house plants.

Many varieties of indoor plants originally came from rainforests which get dappled sunlight rather than direct sunlight. When you apply a window tint, you are giving these plants a similar environment without exposing them to scorching UV rays.

Window Tint Will Darken My Home

Window tints are not supposed to block all sunlight — only the harmful rays, including the UV rays. High-quality window tint allows a healthy sunlight spectrum to enter your home. However, if you intentionally want your rooms to be darker, you can also order darker window tinting from us that can do the trick.

For most homes, however, regular window tint can provide optimal sunlight as well as reduce electricity bills, without fading the fabric and pictures in your home.

Depending on where your windows are facing and how much sunlight they get, we will recommend a darker or lighter shade of window tinting for you.

I Can’t Clean My Windows After Applying Tint to Them

There have been a lot of advancements in window tint design in recent years. As you can guess, good-quality window tints are more durable than cheaper ones. In addition, they allow your windows to be cleaned even once they are covered with a tint. However, to make sure you do not damage the tint, do not use abrasive scrubs or cleaners to wash your windows.

At Fox Canyon Glass and Mirror, we will install your window tint in the best way possible and give you specific instructions on how to clean the windows, which including mild detergent and sponge/microfiber cloth for gentle cleaning.

Window Tint Cracks or Deteriorate in a Few Years

If you use a cheap tint, then yes, it will flake off or crack in a short time. However, the best window tints are created by top manufacturers that provide product guarantees.

Thermal stress, created by changes in temperature of the windows can lead to window tint breakage. However, this is not a risk if you get the tint installed properly by professional window technicians. We will come to your home to evaluate your window’s specification and then apply a tint over it accordingly.

As you can see, there is a pattern here: most window tint myths all come down to the quality of the product. At Fox Canyon Glass and Mirror, we can help you install the best quality window tints with a labor warranty and product guarantee. If you are concerned about window tint affecting interior lighting or window function, call us today. We can assess your windows and determine what kind of tint would be good for you.

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