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6 Signs Your Windshield Needs to be Replaced

The windshield is a very important part of your car. A clear windshield means that you can clearly see the road and drive safely and responsibly. On the other hand, a damaged windscreen can be a huge nuisance when driving and can also put your life at risk. As soon as you see the first signs of damage on your windscreen, you need to get it repaired. But when it goes beyond the repair stage, that is when you need to replace it.

Here are a few signs that your windshield needs replacement:

Blurred View

If the view from your windscreen is compromised, that means that you need to replace it at the earliest to avoid any mishaps. If you continue to drive with a damaged windscreen, then not only will that frustrate and aggravate you, but it can also increase the chances of a major car accident. The moment you see that you cannot see properly through your windscreen, you need to replace it.

Cracks and Scratches

Cracks and scratches can tell you that your windshield is extremely old and that it needs immediate attention. Not only are you putting your own life at risk here, but also the life of others on the road. Remember, car accidents can be deadly, so make sure that the moment you see any crack or scratch on your windshield, you immediately get it replaced.

Inspection Scheduled

If you have a car inspection scheduled, then you need to make sure to fix any cracks on your screen. In the case of a failed inspection, a new one is scheduled, which only wastes more time and energy.

Affected by the Winter

The winter season can really damage your windscreen. Glass is known to be extremely temperature-sensitive. Extreme cold can lead to your windscreen getting damaged, which can blur your vision. In the extreme cold, you might also see cracks on the windscreen, which tells you that your windscreen has become old and cannot take the winter season well. So, if you see any winter-related damage to your car, then consider replacement immediately.

Insect Damage

There will be times when you will see insects on your windscreen. You can try to remove them, but in some cases, you might end up damaging the windshield in the process. If this happens, get in touch with a windshield repair expert and see if they can fix your windshield or whether it needs to be replaced entirely.

Ineffective Repair

Repairing your windshield can fix most problems, but in case it doesn’t, you need to replace it immediately. Any delay in this can lead to serious repercussions and you must do what you can to avoid them.

If you have gotten your windshield repaired a couple of times, and you still feel that the problem is persisting, then have a professional check your windshield. If you need a new windshield, then you can easily get it from Fox Canyon Glass. We would love to help solve your problem in the best way possible.

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