5 interior design tips with mirrors

5 Interior Design Tips with Mirrors

Many people think that mirrors are only a necessity only to check yourself out when leaving for work or going to a party. However, mirrors can actually amp up the appearance of any room, creating drama, increasing light, and adding mysterious reflections.

Here are some design tips that you can use with mirrors in your home:

1.   Brightening a Room

If you are someone who loves natural light in their room, all you need to do is place a mirror opposite or right next to a big window. Regardless of how dull the sky is, the mirror will capture light and throw it back into the room, brightening up the overall space.

Mirrors are a great way to double the source of light in a room. If you do not have enough space to add more lights, you can simply place a mirror right next to an existing lamp and watch the room light up almost instantly.

2.   Enhancing a Room

Interior design is all about deceiving the common eye. The idea is to attract attention towards something or deflect it away. If you have rooms with weird ceilings or sloping gaps that are too awkward to place furniture in, you can use a mirror to decorate the walls.

Mirrors are also a great way to boost the atmosphere of a room. By adding a big mirror to an empty wall, you can create the illusion of double the guests.

3.   Focal Point

If you do not have a fireplace or mantelpiece to serve as the center of a room, you do not need to fret. All you need is a mirror to attract attention. However, if you are fortunate enough to have a fireplace in the guest room, adding a mirror will help exaggerate its impact.

Just as paintings are used as decorative art to fill up empty walls, mirrors with intricate wooden carving can also be used as interesting pieces of décor around the house walls.

4.   Illuminate Gloomy Corners

No room is complete without lighting. The more the lighting, the more beautiful you can make a space look. The best way to enhance an area is by installing a mirror immediately behind a switched-on bright lamp.

You can also opt for some mirrored furniture that will help reflect the light sources in the room, including artificial and natural.

5.   Stray from Rectangular Mirrors

Back in the day, rectangular mirrors were the most common pieces found at homes. However, today, you will find mirrors of many sizes and shapes, each different from the last. To optimize the look of a room and create a wow factor, it is time to ditch the traditional mirrors.

Instead, opt for mirrors of different shapes and styles that tell a different story. Remember, you don’t always have to be practical. You can use an unusually shaped mirror to make your room look different and fascinating.


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